Let me help you define your style, increase confidence and level up your life!

"Every woman deserves the right to express herself, increase her confidence through style, and own a wardrobe to SLAY every day..... flawlessly!"  -Teyonda Marrie
See exactly what you will learn from The Style Code and how to apply it throughout this page.
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There are 4 levels of style and The Style Code with will guide you through. The methods for creating a strong sense of fashion and style is critical. This book bridge the gap between runway and real life, between high fashion and everyday modesty, the fashion newbie, and the style slayer.


But the manual doesn’t stop there. When you read The Style Code, you’ll learn:

Section 1: Define Your Style

Section 2: The Physical You

Section 3: The Bones of Your Wardrobe

Section 4: The Denim Rundown

Section 5: Handbags

Section 6: Shoes

Section 7: Accessorizing Accessories

Section 8: Dress Your Man

Section 9: Closet Werk

Section 10: The Makeup Basics

Section 11: Wardrobe Budgeting


While reading the manual, you can put what you learn to use with the actionable workbook. (It’s more than sixty pages long to maximize your efforts!)

I also break down effective style techniques to assist in the constant development and growth of your style including color, layers, your body type and exactly how to dress to play up your assets and camouflage your flaws. 

In addition to wardrobe building, shopping tips and budgeting your wardrobe by season, I also go in-depth with tips on quality and investment pieces. The step by step guide to revamping your closet, identify the bones of your wardrobe, and adding pieces you need to take your style cover the top!


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If you thought it  was just the manual you're wrong! 


The 60+ page colored workbook is designed to provide you with actionable fashion and style techniques and tips that you learned in the manual, to apply toward you building, defining style, and creating new looks.

Yeah, that's right....you have the manual to show you the way, and a workbook to put what you learn into action, all with your current wardrobe!

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Conquering the fashion game is easier than you think, with THE STYLE CODE Manual and Workbook!  

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If you are not satisfied with The Style Code Bundle, return both books to receive a full refund of the purchased price. For more information on the return policy, click  here.


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Not quite ready? Want To Sample The Style Code?

I know skepticism tends to sneak up and complicate even the simplest of decisions. But there's no need to worry 'bout that, you can sample the Workbook! Get a bundle of laminated worksheets straight from The Style Code Workbook. Test these amazing sheets to see if The Style Code is a good fit for you, just pay $5 shipping and handling!