“The confidence a woman have is determined by how she sees herself. If she feels good about the inner her and the outer her reflects that, she has the courage to do anything. This is proof that there is power in a confident woman and what she wears!” - Teyonda Marrie


Have your grabbed your copy of The Style Code LOOKBOOK?!

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The Style Code LOOKBOOK has all the techniques, tips and ideas to slay your looks your way!

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Like everything else you've mastered in your life, fashion, and style should be at the top of the list. It shouldn't be excluded or ignored. But so many women struggle with fashion because they lack style. The only difference between what you've mastered in the past and your level of style now (whatever it is) is the fact that you have not gained the proper knowledge, you have not applied that knowledge, you have not experimented with that knowledge. Get the knowledge, techniques and tips and werk in a matter that slays for you.

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 Define Your Style - If your personal style is not heard, you need to define, tweek or adjust it until it's the first thing people hear when you enter the room. It's not about seeking the attention of approval of others, but for no other reason than you feel good about being you....on your terms! 

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 Know the Fashion Basics - There are a few things you need to know before you can execute your style and reap the full rewards. Key pieces, dressing your shape, proper fit techniques and more are required....if you plan on making serious style moves. 

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 Implement and Create - After you define your style and know the basics, it's time to implement them together to create new looks and add drama or interest to old looks too. Either way....at this point in the game, you know what you're doing and confident while you do it! 

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Experiment and Slay - Now it's time for you to show up and show out, at all times. No exceptions! Top level stylist know how to make sweats work in the office, the knowledge to make lazy look paparazzi ready, effortlessly! You'll make fashion your own, then is when you see just how easy fashion is. 


I'm here to help you level up your style with 21 exclusive techniques, all nestled together, with worksheets, examples of looks and so much more delivered straight to your inbox! Get instant access to unlock your style and wardrobe with minimal time and effort. Don't dive into the shallow end of the style pool, it's time to do a triple back tuck and finish like the pros!  

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The struggle of finding amazing products and services to style your LIFE can be real..... Not anymore with these top fashion, style, fitness and beauty pick straight from the stylist herself! We got you covered from getting your body in shape, defining your image, foolproof make-up application and protective hairstyles you'll love! 


Get Sexy & Sweat

(Teyonda Marrie personal fitness plan from Teyonda Marrie herself!)

I am going keep it real with you as to show you exactly how I lost major fat, toned my muscle, and eliminated ALL my insecurities!

There were a few techniques that I learned early….. 1. I had to get serious about a healthy lifestyle  2. Make my lifestyle transition easy enough to commit  3. My squad (my husband) motivated and supported me. 

I learned how to stick with meal plans and proper workout techniques to make my lifestyle change as effortless as possible. I set my goals, applied a workout plan, and implemented proper eating habits. The key however was listening to my body and supply it with what it needed. Cause lets be real, I simply wanted to feel good and look good…. naked!

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 Style Slay University

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to master fashion with your personal style.

The Style Slay University is the only style based informations meetup that teaches you everything you need to feel good about your style and about your life. This Step Up Your Style Series consist of 7 sections. Each section is designed to create a flow of need to know information to get creative and pair pieces with minimal effort if any at all with the fashion and style assignments.

It's a new season and nothing says "SLAYAGE" like getting your image in order. Use your style to werk trends, build your wardrobe & up that confidence to the MAX!  

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Mayvenn Bundles

With the long list of hair companies poppin' up, it's hard to recognize the real.

I have been doing my homework on that long list of hair companies, hair boutiques, and social media pages that’s confusing many of us with the fake hype of their hair. I found a few companies that stood behind their promise and delivered….BUT there was one in particular that fit the bill.

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Slayage Card Game

Who said fashion and style couldn’t be fun?

The Slayage Card Game is the perfect ladies night incentive. Share your tips, your style, and a few drinks with your girls as you laugh and learn the key tools to impact your style in a creative way.

This girlie game is perfect for all ages. Not to mention, the game includes a carrying case to take the slayage on the go.

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I've been helping women just like you, overcome their fashion and style battles. Here are some of the things they're raving about. 

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