Are you a window shopper? Do you browse online sites for products you'll get when you get paid? I personal HATE window shopping because I feel like I am sikeing myself out and playing with my emotions. and shopping has an effect on my emotions and I'm perfectly fine with it. However, gazing the windows, isles or racks of beautiful pieces is just not my thing, and let me tell you why you should avoid the awful habit if you are a window shopper. I have 3 reason why you should kick the habit. Understand there is a difference between making note of pieces you need to purchase to build your wardrobe and good ole fashion window shopping. 


Emotional Connection

Window shopping can leave you depressed, mainly because you desire to have what you know you are not capable of receiving at that time. You leave the store wanting what you left without.....there is ultimately is no satisfaction that you can gain here. And if you do have plans on coming back when you can afford it or when the time is right, chances of it still being there is literally slim to none!


Confidence Issues

The main reason you are window shopping in the first place boils down to pretty much one thing...your finances! It can be damaging your confidence as a woman to feel like you can't afford to provide for yourself when you want to. Avoid the pitfall of self pitty, discouraging thoughts or envy of the success of others. A easy way to boost your confidence FAST is to put good use to the wardrobe pieces you already have. It's nothing more satisfying than pushing your style abilities to the test and passing!


Style Turn Off

Ever feel so discouraged with fashion, style, shopping or the thought of pulling a successful look together? This can be directly connected to window shopping. Why? Because you can get hung up on the though of what you wish you had, instead of focusing on the look and the items you have at hand. Use tools like that Power Looks Worksheet to help your maximize your wardrobe and style your looks instead of wasting time wishing for something you can't or don't have.


Before you find yourself window shopping put these tips to use. When the discouragement kick in and  find yourself browsing through racks, isles, online sites or before you hoop in your car and head for the mall, take a second to connect with how you feel, and avoid the "I wish" or "I can't wait" feeling all together. Stop wasting your time day dreaming about what you want and put to good use what you already have. 

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