It doesn't matter what exclusive handbag, heels or labels you own, if you don't have a wardrobe plan that you stick to, truth be told, you're not winning! Use these three tips to help you stick to your wardrobe budget.


Avoid Unexpected Shopping Trips or Window Shopping

Although most of us do our shopping online, the same rules apply. If you know you can't afford it or haven't worked those trips into your budget; stay away from the malls, boutiques and online shopping sites; because the temptation is real and often hard to avoid! Use the the Bones of Your Wardrobe Checklist in the Style Slay Development Guide to keep track of what your wardrobe needs which creates more control of your planned purchases.


Don't Open Promotional Emails

This is one way that most retailers get you to buy and that's perfectly fine.....IF you've planned to spend those funds to add to your wardrobe. Most emails deals consist of offers that you can't seem to pass up on, especially if you've been waiting on a great sale; instead pass up on the email altogether! If it's coming from a retail store of any kind; avoid following through on that click. Also avoid any emails that you know ill tempt you to give in. You know which ones I'm talking about.


Shop with A Plan

Before your shopping trip, make note of what you need and what you are there to buy. Stay focused on exactly what you came for. If you happen to see something that your style can't do without (multi style-able, well constructed and good quality), consider swapping it for the item or items you planned to buy....but avoid spending more than you originally planned.


Learn just about everything your style need to slay adequately with the Style Slay Bundle. Not only does it include a wardrobe inventory list to keep track of what you have and what you need, these effective tools will give you a general understand of the fashion industry and how you can use it to define your style, perfect proven shopping techniques and budgeting tips too.


Style to Slay!