If your anything like most women you'll have a list of pieces that you can't do without. Why? They are your staple pieces that can be style multiple ways and still slay every time. I've provided a list of pieces that you should have to expand your wardrobe. If you already have them, great you are on the right track and if not lets get down to business and get to styling.


Blazer/Jacket: The more stylish and unique the better! You want it to be the finishing touch to  even the simplest of looks. It can be the collar. sleeves, length, fabric, color or other embellishments that set it off! Take it a step further and opt for colored fur; not only will everyone in the room see your, they will remember you. I call that a lasting impression and slayge all day!

Denim: These should fit your body like a glove and complement each and every curve flawlessly; hate em' or love em'.....accept em' and love em'! Consider the color; dark denim can be dressed up or down, while lighter washes are more casual. Avoid style s with waistbands that squeeze and cause the muffin top look.

Little Black Dress (LBD): You have to get strategic when you make your selection here. The goals is to consider what accessories or jewelry you can use to take the sexy little number to the next level. Check out the length, the sleeves and the fit. These are three major LBD deal breakers. The fabric and construction determines its quality, which determines if it will with stand the multiple events and functions as needed.

The Perfect Pump: Now they may vary from woman to woman but you have to find YOUR perfect pair. I would suggest a nude pump but if black, white or red fit you better run with it! Whatever selection you choose to go with they must be pointed and the higher yo can go the more dramatic they become. Avoid ANY shoe that looks cheap or are a knockoff of any kind. Besides, you should desire investing in the real thing! Also make sure they fit properly at the heel.

Diamond Studs: These classics go with absolutely anything! I suggest that you invest in real diamonds here but if faux diamonds are your option, make sure they are not too over the top. Not only do they go with just about any look, they convenient complement any hair style too. It's something about these little things sparkling on the side of your face that make them a must have. Not a fan of the studs? Opt for the hoops; just remember the size will change form look to look.

There you have it! Make not of what yo already have and what you need. The wardrobe Inventory List is perfect for keeping track of your current wardrobe and what you need to add. Consider the style selections and the statement you are trying to make. And as always be confident in your choices!