Do you know the difference between fashion and style? Do you know how to use one to play up the other? Are you confidently and effectively defining your personal style? I've been asked more than often the difference between fashion and style and why it matters. Let's be clear ladies, fashion and style are completely different in every way. The Fashion -vs- Style war has become a struggle for most women until now. It's time to use fashion to develop style!


Fashion is predictable, constantly changing, conforming to new trends everyday; it has no flexibility and is confined by rules.

But Style, that's yours, you own that! Your style is like your personality, it's a form of expression that can't be duplicated, it has no rules!

Everyone know fashion but very few know style! The key here is to keep the creative juices flowing by constantly finding ways to develop your style and define your statement. 


  • Push your style to new limits with current trends. For example, skinny jeans, crop tops, chic maxi dresses and high waist anything! Find subtle ways to put your personal style stamp on everything you wear. Boss up and own it, take control over it and be confident with it

I always tell women to handle trends head on, don't let them control you, and certainly don't let them overwhelm you. Simply use them as a guide to add interest to your looks and give your take on the trends, like everyone else in the fashion world. The Style Slay Checklist will get your style together in no time, not to mention effortlessly.


  • I learned most mistakes are often my best looks. I've been forced to throw on jeans because my son got Cheetos stains on my new fitted skirt, a button popped off my denim top causing me to tie it to my waist or even the time I turned my racer back maxi dress into a tank top with my high waist jeans due to , you guessed it; another stain!

No one knew how I intended on style the look, but because of those unexpected issues I had to get creative and do what I could in the time and resources that I had. 


  • Let your personality guide you! Start with everyday things that defines your personality, such as your home decor, music preference, childhood past times, your hobbies, lifestyle, and even your career. All of these things can help direct you to a solid and stylish wardrobe, and the functionality to incorporated trending pieces easy. Use other style techniques such as layering, color play and adding accessories to finish your look off strong!

You have to keep your eyes open to the trends, style consistent and up to date on fashion and trends and conquer the world with your STYLE. You need to use the 21 Day Style Challenge to add your personal style to your wardrobe. It's also perfect for building your style with techniques like styling for work. shopping, accessorizing and build the bones of your wardrobe.


These are the three tools you need to slay every look every time! Don't get caught up in fashion, lose yourself in your style!