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Many women tend to fall a little short when it comes to knowing what pieces to add, alter or eliminate for their wardrobe. It's often because more women are emotionally connected to their wardrobe, which makes the need for adjustments real! The Bones of Your Wardrobe List in The Style Code breaks it all the way down.  For now, we want to get down to the 5 power pieces that make a huge impact to your wardrobe and your looks.

Signature Denim – The key is finding the right pair for your shape, your purpose and the season. Determine what store sells your perfect pair, and although it might take you a while to identify, it’s worth the hassle. Shopping for a purpose can be easier said than done. For example, black and dark wash jeans are typically used to dress up a look, while lighter washes are more casual. Just like the weather will determine if they are torn, ripped or ankle length.

Stylish Jacket – I repeat a jacket, although coats are a great option too. But the jacket can be worn outdoors and indoors, during pictures and videos and still make a major impression ……all night! Blazers and other light weight jackets are by far a perfect example of a jacket that will work. Just make sure whichever you choose, it’s not too bulky or too heavy.

Pumps – A classic pair of pumps not only go with just about any look, they can cross over all four seasons; making them an investment piece. Consider the color, texture and heel heights too maximize your dollar. Black and nude are often the more common colors, because they too are perfect year around. Different textures such as leather, suede or snake skin are great choices but not all are universal. Height is key, although I don’t doubt your Superwoman capabilities for a moment, you can get a lot more done in 4-inch pumps than in 6.

Statement Handbag – This is where most ladies fall into the trap. If you have ever bought a fake handback of any kind, I am referring to you. My intentions aren’t to step on your toes or put you down, but sop it…. please. I know you want the luxe handbag with a high fashion designer logo engraved for the world to see. But going fake is not the way! There are tons of consignment shops, discounted sites and used handbag boutiques that have a pretty good selection that’s easy on your pocket. Plus, you don't always have to go the designer route. There are tons of great handbags that look amazing but are still afforadable.

Designer Frames -  Now before you assume I’m talking about Versace, Gucci or Fendi…. I’m not. Well, not primarily. I’m talking about a pair that are stylish and demand all the attention. Metal frames, such as silver and gold are perfect for a luxe and expensive illusion. However, going with a darker section, such as black is sexy and mysterious. Opting for a pair that are black with a hint of mental work is life! Now, if you can prefer the Versace, Gucci and Fendi gone make that investment, but also consider mixing trending styles with designer brands for the ultimate win.

The overall goal is to build a strong wardrobe with a selection of power pieces and effective techniques. Fashion and style aren't always about how much you have to work with, but how you select your pieces and what you do with them. These 5 items are a great multi-styleable pieces  that can go a really long way. 

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