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If you've been rolling with me for a while, you would have heard about me releasing my book, The Style Code

And I know that you have been wondering exactly why it faded into the background....right?

Well, I'm here to fill you in!

First, The Style Code consist of two seperated books, which required alot of time to create (especially when you are a one woman team).  But why two books you might ask.

I wanted to break fashion down in a way that all women can understand and apply. So I created the Manual, which is a breakdown of fashion, style and beauty in a way that is relateable but informative, and the Workbook is an actionable and reuseable tool to apply the techniques that are covered in the manual.

As for the year long delay...... When I first set out to release my book, I was simply focused on releasing a book to say that I was an author and of course to make money...right? 

But the more feedback I received, the more my marketing plan and strategy changed, the more I wanted to not just create a book and become an author, but I wanted to create a brand an a community that would really help women in an industry that so many seem to struggle with.

I went back to the drawing board. I updated a few things, invested a few coins and committed to the grind. The Style Code then became 10 times better than it was last year, marketing and all. I now have a professional platform to sell my books, a distributor to ship them out and an entire tribe behind me cheering for my you....thank you! ;)

I really put it out in these books! I took the knowledge that came with my degree, professional experiences, personal experiences, one on ones with clients, and even asked you personally. I was 100% committed to provideing you with information that was simplified to accomindate your needs; and that I did. These books will literally give you life! 

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Click the button below to get started on your style journey with The Style Code now to get  a signed copies20% off your order and a free t-shirt on me! Got questions? Simply comment below.....let's chat!  

xx, Teyonda Marrie