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So, I have a question......Do you have problems using accessories to style your looks? Do you avoid using them altogether because you just don’t know where to start?

Either way, I have the perfect solution! Since the last blog post, I received a few email requesting the power accessory pieces. So, I'm here to deliver, plus I just had to share this quick tip with you cause I know you're working on getting that style together…..right? Now, let’s get started.

     1. In no particular order, the handbag is first on the list. Not only are they a great accessory that can be used to compliment any look and more importantly can fit our necessities (they’re like our vanity in the bag). Consider playing up your selections with color, size style or designers. Keep in mind handbags are an investment piece that should be made of quality and real materials (man-made materials scream cheap and do more harm than good)

     2. The next of course, are your shoes! Not only are these one of the must-have accessory for all women, it’s a must that they make a powerful statement, that can take a look from around the way girl to damn who is that!Quality plays a huge role here too, avoid compromising quality with anything (especially the price). If you can’t afford it, save up until you can. I’m not saying go out and buy a pair of  Christian Louboutins (cause ain’t nothing wrong with that) however I am saying get you can avoid the knockoffs and cheap materials that are flooding that market. 

     3. Last but not least, your earrings. Yes, your earrings! Now I know you may be wondering why, but earrings are important because they dress up your face. Your clothes, shoes, and accessories (such as your shoes and handbag) draw attention to your body; however, next to your makeup, earrings are the next best thing to complement your face. Quality doesn't really play a huge role here; but steer clear of golds that are too yellow, plastic of any kind and those that are too heavy.

I know you’re like really that’s it….of course not! The Style Code is loaded with tips, tricks and tons of information on accessorizing and how you can use accessories to personalize your style. I'll be giving you examples to show you exactly how you can style accessories that you already own and some you need to add to the collection.

Forever Slay!

T. Marrie