Balance your looks is a great way to play your looks yo with color, prints and patters.

Incorporating color to your look is one of the easiest style techniques that offers a massive impact. Color is also effective in creating depth and illusion to guide the eye.

What will you learn?

  • Expand your style and add interest to your wardrobe.
  • Identify prints that can be perfectly paired with majority of pieces you already own.
  • Play with multiple color selections in combination with other color techniques.
  • Strategically play with color selection to create balance.

Stop wasting so much time and energy wardrobe shopping for pieces that sort-of-kinda work, either in store or online. 

This eBook was created as a guide to assist in styling looks at several price points, where to find them and how to pull off looks with minimal pieces and no jewelry.....and ya'll know I'm total fan of accessories.

This LookBook includes the following:

  • Learn how you can specifically style any look on any budget.
  • Identify which items you need to invest in and where to cut cost.
  • Blend affordable brands with moderate, high price and quality labels.
  • Style single items several ways from high to low price ranges.

Many women believe that in order to successfully master their looks they need to have a ton of items in their wardrobe or that they can't or shouldn't were a piece too many times. This is so far from the truth, the key is to enjoy the challenge of find as many way possible to dress the same piece. 

What's inside?

  • Style tips to individualize each look from the next.
  • How to incorporate common accessorizes to maximize the the look overall.
  • Visuals of 5 common wardrobe pieces that are strategically styled 5 different ways.
  • Step by step instruction to individualize each look with minimal pieces.