Now seems to be the time when most of us think back on those plans and goals to get our s*it together for the new year.....right? And just like the gyms, fitness groups, and trainers that want to help many of us get of out the holiday gains from the food and alcohol we enjoyed during the past few months; I want to help you squeeze all the style out of your wardrobe and set the bar high in 2018. 

Before you talk yourself out of your New Year fashion revamp in the Style Series, let me first tell you the Series is Free! All info, tips, techniques, emails, video chats and meetups, exclusive group, and one-on-one with me is all Free! The required Style Tools is not included in the Style Series freebie but is discounted just for joining!

"I want to help you start your year off right by maximizing what you've already spent those coins on anyway!"

The Free Style Series is just what you need to get excited about your style, informed about fashion as it pertains to you specifically while being, becoming, and remaining confident in your own style abilities. 

The information I share in the series include effective style tips and fashion techniques that are not only easy to implement, they take even the simplest of everyday looks over the top! It's time to stop searching these social media sites peepin' what other ladies are doing and start doing YOU....your own way and on your own terms without any expectations of others opinions or need their approval!

How does the FREE Style Series work? 

You will meet up with myself and other slaymates online for an hour every week for 3 weeks. You will also receive emails from me every few days, over the course of 21 days. These emails will include your course material, style assignments and slaywork for you to apply toward your looks. Don't worry, they're simple tasks that you can do to werk pieces that you already have hanging in your closet with minimal time required.

meetup, you will have access to all the videos and meetup playbacks so you don't miss a thing! You can also do the assignments at your own pace and even start the series over for another 21 Days.

You have absolutely have nothing to lose and sooo much to gain!'s only 25 seats open!

Waste no time! Join the Free Style Series now, it's only 25 seats open! Order your discounted Style Tool Bundle with the link below, check your email for the course details and wait for your material to arrive in the mail.... it's that easy! Remember sharing is caring, get your girls in on the Style Series before the seats fill up! 

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