The Style Code Bundle

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The Style Code Bundle

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THE STYLE CODE Bundle is the ultimate manual to style development as she makes fashion easy with style! Learn exactly what is required to use fashion to help you cultivate your personal style. I take you through every aspect of style just as you get ready every morning. Everything that you use on a daily basis is covered, including your wardrobe, accessories, jewelry, hair, makeup, and even your man!

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Everything you need to cover the basics of your style and wardrobe is in The Style Code Bundle including:

Section 1: Define Your Style

Section 2: The Physical You

Section 3: Dressing to Complement Your Figure

Section 4: Bones of Your Wardrobe

Section 5: Let’s Talk Denim

Section 6: Handbag & Shoes

Section 7: Accessories

Section 8: Styling Your Man

Section 9: Werk Your Closet

Section 10: Beauty & Hair

Section 11: Setting a Budget

I also break down effective style techniques to assist in the constant development and growth of your style including color, layers, your body type and exactly how to dress to play up your assets and camouflage your flaws.

In addition to wardrobe building shopping tips, budgeting your wardrobe by season, I also go in-depth with tips on quality and investment pieces. The step by step guide to revamping your closet and identify the bones of your wardrobe and add-on that you need to take your style to the next level.

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So, what exactly is included in The Style Code Bundle?

The goal when creating this 2 book bundle was to give you to tools to learn exactly what is required to use fashion to help you cultivate your personal style with the Fashion Manual. The manual also has areas within each section for you to take notes is aid in applying the information accordingly.

The 60+ page full-color Workbook was designed to provide you with actionable techniques and tips you learned in the manual to apply toward defining a structured wardrobe and personalized style experience. Telling you how fashion works and showing you how fashion works are two totally different things. With the bundle, I give you specific tools to really provide you with an understanding that can be applied toward your style on your terms.

Are eBooks More of Your Thing?

If you want to dive into The Style Code now, don’t wait for copies to be shipped, take advantage of the eBook Style Code Bundle. You get all the info in a fraction of the time, but hurry it’s only for a limited time!

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