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Do you want to upgrade your style but don't really know where to start? Are you up for the challenge of curating your style and wardrobe to conquer the ever changing fashion world? 


Need to refresh your style or update your wardrobe? Only wear half of your current wardrobe? You need to join the 21 Day Slay NOW!


The 21 Day Slay is an email-based mini course filled with both text and video content designed to help you, but challenge you to tap into the more creative you, push your style capabilities and break any style boundaries that may be holding back your true style potential.


You will be introduced to specific techniques and then challenged to incorporate them in each of your looks for 21 Days. We will be covering the following topics to maximize your style:

  • Color Play

  • Proper Fit

  • Styling Layers

  • Wardrobe Builders

  • Know Your Body, Dress Your Shape

  • Quality Investments

  • Implementing Trends

  • Accessorizing to Perfection

Using the The Style Code Manual and Workbook is highly recommended. If you need to grab your copy before you start the challenge, do so by clicking HERE. If you already have your copies, you can get to werk! But first, let us give you the rundown!


The 21 Day Slay Rundown


Because this is an email course, you are fee to start whenever you choose. Not only that, you can reuse this challenge month after month, creating more looks and maximizing your wardrobe, while constantly sharpening your personal style.

This challenge also includes a 21 Day Style Journal to track your progress and help you define your signature style throughout the challenge and long after!


Why the 21 Day Slay Style Challenge?


Purpose: Put your style to the test and learn as you go! Stop using the same ole "safety" pieces and add life to your shape and your wardrobe. Leave your excuses at the sign in page, cause you will have everything you need to develop and define your style and wardrobe. Your style frustrations are sure to be a thing of the past! 


Execution: Learn the most effective style tips and techniques to add to your personal style and wardrobe. Daily action tasks are designed to help you learn the techniques and implement them. Get creative as you incorporate each tip to build an effortless wardrobe suitable for any occasion anytime.


Effect: Those days of sifting through unused piles of clothes are over! Your style will speak volume with the confidence to match. Remember your image plays a huge part in your everyday life. Professional and personal relationships will improve...Why? Cause we all love a woman that loves and appropriates herself! 


Join now and lets get styling!