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Hey Girl Hey!

It's Teyonda Marrie, Founder and Head Stylist here at the Style Slay University. I want to personally thank you for checking out my site, where you learn how to make fashion easy using your personal style!

So I know you might be thinking.... How can I help you? What is it that I know about fashion that you don't?

Well, with a Fashion Design Degree and Merchandising experience of 10+ years and my extensive background as a Fashion Stylist should be enough for me to refer to myself as an established fashion professional expert, with a proven track record. I definitely know more than enough to teach you how to slay and take names in the fashion industry and in life.

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Style to Slay!

xx - Teyonda Marrie


My goal is to teach women how to make Fashion easy with Style. When I created my brand, I wanted to inspire and teach women how to effectively develop their style and fit for their specific body type while using fashion trends and style techniques, in addition to learning how to shop for quality garments, organizing their space and building a powerful wardrobe that lasts.



Fashion is complicated enough, so introducing you to Style in a variety of ways was a necessity! This learning technique provides you with more angles to personal style development and eliminating creative limitations. My products and services are expanding by the day and we are working diligently to provide you with absolute slayage....every day, all day!  It's time to tap into your style potential, whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, I have you covered!



Women only wear 20% of their wardrobe because they either don’t know where to start, their garments don’t fit or are out of date. Others aren't comfortable with their bodies, they lack the confidence to experiment, may be overwhelmed with the need to keep up with trends or don’t have enough knowledge in the fashion industry to effectively communicate their self-expression.

As a Style Development Coach, I don’t just sell garments and send my clients on their way. I teach them how to creatively style those pieces and every other piece in their wardrobe, providing the Style Slay University style experience!


For more info, you can also visit the FAQ page here for frequently ask questions about our products, services, and customize session options.