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The Style Code LOOKBOOK has all the techniques, tips, and ideas to slay your looks your way!

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The LOOKBOOK covers your style needs with eye-catching layouts and visuals to inspire your personal style. This is key when attempting new styles or trends to motivate the growth of your style and wardrobe.

The LOOKBOOK as the cherry on top of the already effective information in The Style Code Series. It covers it all! You’ll see actual looks, color combinations, and multiple ways to expand looks within your wardrobe. Let’s jump into the LOOKBOOK and see exactly what’s covered!


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Identify Your Style Quiz

Section 1: Foundation to Style

  • Style Development

  • Know Your Body

  • Myths to Avoid

Section 2: Style and Wardrobe Werk

  • Decoding Color

  • Multiple Ways to Slay

  • Style In - Werk It

Section 3: Build Your Wardrobe

  • The Bone of You Wardrobe

  • Build with Color

  • Wardrobe by Season

  • Shop Like the Pros

Section 4: Quick Tips

  • The Style Decoder

  • Fashion & Style Q&A

  • Wear It Where

  • Experimenting with Trends

For the first time “Fashion” is your bitch! The LOOKBOOK give you exactly what you need to master those negative fashion experiences from your past.

Push through and slay with The Style Code LOOKBOOK!  

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It’s only right to show you what’s inside…..right?! Slide through to see a few pages from some of the style sections in the LOOKBOOK.

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